987 Westhampton Road, PVPA, Florence MA, 01062
Instruments:Composition, Ear Training, Electric Bass, Ethnomusicology, Film Scoring, Guitar, Marimba, Music Therapy, Piano, Recording, World Music

Styles:Classical, Jazz, Rock – Alternative, Blues, World
Levels:Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience:30 years
Rate:$80 / hr

Personal Statement

Over the past 30 years , I have been fortunate enough to have played and recorded with some of the greatest musicians on the planet. However it is as an educator, that I have grown to love life to the greatest degree. As a private teacher, and also as an institution-based performing arts educator working with musicians as young as 3 and as old as 70, I have experienced first hand, the movement within each of my students, as we open and discover together, the ever deepening and revealing nature of music. The styles , and the approaches may differ from one student to another, but, in the final analysis, it is the path with heart, passion , and relentless love that yields to us all. I am a fellow traveller and student of music and life , and this philosophy is crucial to erasing the arbitrary and false sense of division that has been allowed to persist in teacher-student relationships. We are, truly, in this together.

Rahul Roy