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The Sarasota Music Festival has earned a reputation as one of the finest music festivals in the nation. The faculty, gifted as both musicians and teachers, attracts more than 400 student applicants, of which 85 are chosen to participate. When the Festival began in 1965, it was a one-week event with seven guest artists and 35 musicians; in just two years, the Festival grew to three weeks and had already attracted national attention, drawing students from throughout the United States. Through the years, the Festival continued to grow and receive national and international recognition. In 1984 it was designated by the Florida State Legislature the Official Teaching and Performing Festival of the State of Florida. Today there are more than 40 faculty, including many who are alumni of the Festival. During the last 40 years the faculty has represented nearly all major American orchestras and a cross section of renowned music schools, conservatories and institutes of music. The students range from professional-level musicians to superior students in music schools and conservatories. Several travel from other countries to participate. Please join us this year for the outstanding student performances, all of which are free to the public.

Sarasota Music Festival