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ONLINE SESSIONS.1. REAL LIVE VOCAL TRAINING!! Through online vocal training, you will expand your range and expression. With each meeting, you will become more confident in vocal performances.2. With bass lessons or guitar lessons ONLINE, learn any style including Rock, Blues, Metal, Punk, Jazz, Classical, and Country by honors graduate and professional recording and touring artist EMMANUEL. ________________________ The SAC Guitar Ensemble is a unique experience that teaches new skills, unlike playing guitar in a rock band, this group offer its participants a chance to play in various settings. This is a learning based ensemble that comprises roughly 8-10 guitarists that play acoustic and electric instruments. The repertoire primarily consists of contemporary, pop and traditional and classical jazz pieces specially arranged for the group. No experience is necessary . Guitarists have the unique opportunity to rehearse and perform. Students focus on reading skills, ensemble blend, group articulations, utilization of electric effects, comping and soloing. No audition is required, but students must be registered in the SAC Private or Group program as well as possess basic note reading in the first position on the guitar neck. Private Lessons Available. __________ The SAC Youth Vocal Ensemble is a dynamic mixed voice ensemble. This is a unique experience and opportunity for youth (1st through 10th grades) with the desire to gain the skill and confidence to use their talents to perform. Students will gain an appreciation and knowledge of classical technique and theory while also applying these techniques to popular music. This Vocal Ensemble will receive ear training, which is a process by which vocalists learn to identify intervals, chords, rhythms, and other basic elements of music. *All singers are required to make a commitment for the entire choir season to faithfully attend rehearsals, retreats and performances. No audition is required, but students must be registered in the SAC Group program. Private Lessons Available.

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