24 East 95th Street
New York,  NY,  10128

Founded in 1920, Diller-Quaile’s mission is to teach music in a way that develops the innate musicality in each student and inspires participation for a lifetime. The School’s distinctiveness lies in the philosophical premise that there is music in all of us. Over the course of time, the faculty nurtures each student’s ability to play and sing with knowledge and expression, providing a foundation for a lifetime of involvement and pleasure in music. The School is comprised of five departments – Early Childhood, Instrumental and Vocal, Adult, Teacher Training, and Outreach. Throughout the academic year, Rug Concerts, Explorations Concerts, master classes, student recitals, faculty concerts, and special events take place. Diller-Quaile annually enrolls more than 1,200 students of all ages. Additionally, our extensive Outreach Programs bring the spirit and mission of Diller-Quaile to approximately 600 individuals throughout New York City. The School is known internationally through its series of piano books.

Diller-Quaile School of Music