44 Liberty Avenue
New Rochelle,  NY,  10801

Songcatchers Inc. has developed out of an elementary school choir. As an independent organization it offers four programs, many involving original members : -Choir Camp (1980) a one-week sleep-away summer – average: 60 campers, 30 counselors -After School Music Program (1997) for approximately 135 Children ages 7 –13 and 35 instructors: piano, flute, clarinet, saxophone, violin, viola, trumpet, drums and guitar. Art and drama are also offered. -Concert Choir(1994) and Ensemble(2000), approximately 65 in all, comprised of children and staff from Camp and Program; – Kindermusik ®Program (2003), 44 children ages 1½ -7. At present, with the exception of the director who receives a minimum stipend, and 3 part time office assistants, all programs are run with volunteers from local high schools, colleges and communities. Songcatchers Inc. collaborates with the Westchester Chamber Orchestra and associated professional musicians on special projects for the After School Program. Recitals and concerts are offered by all but the Kindermusik® programs and are open to the public, free of charge. The Concert Choir is called upon by the local community for various civic, ecumenical, cultural and personal performances. Future plans include hiring of music and administrative personnel, the expansion of Kindermusik® to include birth to 1½, strengthening of art and drama, and increased mentoring/pedagogy for the volunteers in The After School Program. The year 2003-2004 is filled with many celebrations in honor of 25 years of Camp and 10 years as a Corporation.

Songcatchers Inc.