2783 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn NY, 11210

Levels:Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience:35 years
Rate:$40 / hr

Personal Statement

I have great respect for the piano and for its voluminous literature—I have played from infancy—– and I always strive to impart whatever knowledge I have accumulated about technique and music to all of my students. I am particularly interested in helping people develop a fluid mechanism that will allow them to play the piano in the least stressful manner possible. I am a relaxed, patient teacher but I also believe that, as the old saw goes, “practice makes perfect.” In other words, there is no magic road to pianistic mastery. That doesn’t mean that the journey can’t be enjoyable. I specialize in the classical repertoire, but I often use music from other genres. My one request is that any selections be available as sheet music, for although I improvise fluently and can play by ear, I don’t attempt to teach others to do so.

Education / Training

I am a Juilliard graduate and also pursued graduate studies at The Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music. I studied with Rosina Lhevinne, Howard Aibel, and Agustin Anievas. I am also an advanced guitarist and write for Fanfare Magazine, a well-respected journal of music. My features and reviews can be read on the magazine’s website: www.fanfaremag.com

In addition to teaching privately, I am associated with Musika, an online company that connects pupils and teachers and I teach at In Performance Music Workshop (IPMW), a music school located in Brooklyn, New York.

Robert Schulslaper