2 Lilac Ln., Eliot ME, 03903
Instruments:Ear Training, Flute, Theory

Styles:Classical, Folk – Country – Bluegrass, Kids, World
Levels:Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience:17 years
Rate:$50 / hr

Personal Statement

Each of us comes to music from a different place, with different talents and different tastes. The optimum environment in which to pursue your passion for music is in a supportive class that meets you where you are and leads you where you want to go.

It’s about connecting. I work with you to accommodate your learning style, interests, and musical ambitions. My holistic, metaphysical approach to teaching includes professional coaching methodologies and body mechanics, including yoga and Tai chi postures, all of which help you connect your body to your breath and to your instrument and, therefore, to the music.

“Ellen teaches that learning to play an instrument goes beyond reading the music, but involves seeing within oneself and engaging the mind, body, and spirit.”

-Sarah K., high school sophomore

Music is for everyone! Music contributes to a holistic approach to human development and can help in all areas of human growth. Whether you are a serious student or just someone who enjoys music, you can benefit from studying music.

If you are looking to pursue music as a career, I offer the dual approach that covers basic keyboard as well as music theory. If you simply love music and want to dedicate time learning the language of music, I offer more of a ‘music’ lesson. There is no pressure about how you are to perform.

Expand your musical knowledge by exploring small ensemble (chamber) experiences. Small ensemble work makes for a well-rounded musical education by introducing you to an entirely different body of repertoire and helping you hone reading and intonation skills.

Build confidence. Unlike playing in large ensembles, playing in a small ensemble requires each individual player to hold his/her own part. It also happens to be a ton of fun! To top it off, it is a great ‘bang for your buck!’

Ellen Rondina, Music Teacher – Eliot – MAINE