Bonnacreek Dr, Hermitage TN, 37076

Styles:Classical, Jazz, Blues, Kids, Other
Levels:Beginner, Intermediate
Experience:7 years
Rate:$0 / hr

Personal Statement

Simply Music is the revolutionary Australian-created piano program that has students playing contemporary, blues, classical and accompaniment pieces from their first lessons.

Traditional lessons, for the most part, require that students first learn to read music as the means of learning how to play. This ‘read first, play later’ approach is slow and frustrating, and far too many students never acquire the ability to play. In fact, many lose their desire to learn altogether.

Simply Music students learn to play first and read later. By delaying the reading process, beginning students are free to relate directly to the piano, and within a short time easily and naturally begin to establish a ‘hands-on’ and personal ‘feeling’ for the instrument as they build a play-list that includes many styles, as well as play chords and accompaniments.

After building a repetoire of 30 to 50 pieces covering a broad range of musical styles, students go on to learn how to read music, their ability to play so well providing a powerful foundation for learning the more formal aspects of music education.

I strongly believe that without exception, EVERYONE is deeply and profoundly musical and making music is a goal that is reachable for everyone, not just a ‘talented’ few.

As Simply Music is so radically different from traditional piano lessons, I invite anyone interested in learning more about this phenomenal method to a no-cost, no-obligation FREE Introductory Session.

Karen Gibson