345 North Loomis St. , West Loop area , Chicago IL, 60607
Instruments:Drums, Mallet, Percussion, Theory, Timpani

Styles:Classical, Jazz, Folk – Country – Bluegrass, Rock – Alternative, Blues
Levels:Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience:13 years
Rate:$50 / hr

Personal Statement

My goal with each student is to help them gain a strong foundation in the fundamentals of music and drumming, so that they will be able to pursue what ever style of music they want with ease and confidence, whether it be at a professional level or as a hobby.

The fundamentals are
– understanding how rhythm works both by reading music and by ear
– proper technique, basic sticking patterns, drumming rudiments
– hand / foot co-ordination and independence for drum set
– basic music theory

I am very patient with all my students as each person learns differently, and I will take the time to break down each concept as much as needed to help them understand it and master it.

Education / Training

I have been playing music since I can remember, starting with piano lessons at 5 years old. I began playing drums and percussion my first year of high school at age 15 in 1987. During my high school years I was a member of the marching band drum line, orchestra, and symphonic band.

I went on in the fall of 1991 to study classical percussion at Wheaton Conservatory of Music in the west suburbs of Chicago. During my time there, I studied with renowned percussionist Dr. Kathleen Kastner.
While in college I was also a member of the Wheaton College Symphony Orchestra, Wind Ensemble and Percussion Ensemble.

I am also a well-versed drum set player, mostly self-taught, as it was easy for me to pick up from having a strong foundation in classical music fundamentals. I have many years of experience playing drum set in both rock and jazz settings. Much of my drum set education has been from listening and watching other drummers as well as exchanging ideas with them. Other than a few lessons in high school on the basics of jazz, almost all of my jazz education has been from sitting in at jam sessions in and around the Chicago area. I have also learned a lot from method books that I use regularly with my current students as well as instructional videos available on the web.


Young Advanced Student Rudimental Snare Solo

Jazz Jam session at the Green Mill

Improv at Drum Lessons Chicago studio

Primo – Rudimental snare solo on practice pad

Andrew Sole