164 MT.leasanr Ave, Apt.#2, Gloucester MA, 01930
Instruments:Flute, Piccolo

Levels:Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Experience:75 years
Rate:$55 / hr

Personal Statement

My reputation as a Master Teacher is know world wide,of
my abilities and expertise, on YouTube I was named “The
best flute teacher in all of North America” My training has been with legendary teaches such as Murray Panitz (Ist Flute,Phile. Orchestra,) Samuel Baron, (NY Woodwind Quintet), and the finest woman flutist in History ,Frances Blaisdell. I teach a conservatory level program, in my Studio Rameau, as well as On Line Via Skype,so I am accessable to all flutists.. The “Learn to Play” page on my site is self explanatory, as I am also an independent Flute sales consultant, making my expertise with flutes ,complete. I also play teach and sell Baroque flutes,and between the Modern and Baroque flute I have 3 NY times reviewed Carnegie recital Hall concerts to my credit. My connection to the teachings of J.J.Quantz can be traced. My Rameau Trio and I have recorded 7 Albums of Baroque Chamber Music for Music Minus One Records which can also be purchased thru my site,www.howtobuyaflute.com. Piccolo can also be studied with me. My own and my students playing can be seen and heard on YouTube,,link into .”Jean Antrim_Music”

Jean Antrim