10807 W 96th St, Overland Park KS, 66214
Instruments:Composition, Ear Training, Piano, Theory, Voice

Styles:Classical, Jazz, Kids, Other
Levels:Beginner, Intermediate
Experience:9 years
Rate:$52 / hr

Personal Statement

I believe music comes from the heart and soul. It is my responsibility to teach students of their ability to create heartfelt music through either voice or piano. All deserves the tools to excel, and I give these by teaching foundations of rhythm, note reading, listening skills, technique, and theory. Students thrive best when lessons are flowing and animated. I help each student realize he is in control of his body as an instrument working harmoniously through each piece by using proper technique and emotional expression. Competitive games, coupled with praise or recognition, help students overcome weaknesses and reinforce learning.
Students perform in several recitals and competitions throughout the year. Music selections for these programs are themed and chosen from a broad collection of works. The preparation process focuses on building confidence. Each student has the right to succeed; my job requires me to assist, the best I can, in making that happen.
Students deserve to be taught as individuals, each with their unique learning style. This knowledge aids me in preparing individual lesson plans tailored to the student. I strive to keep the interest and desire to learn alive in each.
Students are expected to sight read new material and become independent thinkers. Teaching improves when I talk less and listen more to progress. I teach that learning music is not much different than learning a foreign language as notes, dynamics, and rhythms are introduced.
Music communicates human emotions. I teach students to paint a picture or mood as they play or sing to experience dynamics and expressions. This turns playing into a form of relaxation and self-discovery, thus proving that each student, if given the opportunity, has the heart and soul to create beautiful music.

Barbara Githens, Music Teacher – Overland Park – KANSAS