270 Broadway, 270 Broadway, New York NY, 10007

Styles:Classical, Kids
Levels:Beginner, Intermediate
Experience:8 years
Rate:$60 / hr

Personal Statement

Throughout my teaching experience, I have been able to help students achieve their very best and reach their highest potential. I believe that music has the power to enhance the social, cultural and spiritual lives of people, and serve as a profound medium of personal expression. I am a highly organized, outcome -driven and motivated piano/music teacher. I am fully qualified, with a Bachelor Degree in Piano and a background in piano teaching.

What makes me unique as a teacher is the culturally diverse musical eduation that I have received through my years of study. This has enriched my mode of teaching pupils of all ages with a broader perspective and understanding of each individual students needs. My studies here in New York at the Kaufman Center, with Sergei Krivonos, imbued me with a particular technique which I personally believe to be the very best in providing the student with such skills that in the long-run will always remain the base of musicality. My extensive studies in Italy, at The Music Conservatory of Bologna, have refined me as a musician quite a bit. I have learned what is referred to as “The Pure Way of Playing”, which consists in being extremely mindful and observant and understanding of what the author actually expects the interpreter to express from their music.

I have learned Alexander’s technique which helps the student to be aware of their body while playing and keep that awareness through playing at all times, so this way there’s no physical tension or contraction. I find this very important when teaching beginners. In this way, they do not acquire any bad habits. I believe that every student requires a tailored approach. Everyone is built differently, so each student needs their own time to improve in different areas of music.

I am an experienced piano teacher. I have studied classical piano since the age of 4 years old and have graduated from the prestigious music conservatory Giovan Battista Martini di Bologna, Italy. It is known that at a young age Mozart studied there. You will find me to be a patient, down to earth person, with excellent communication skills and professional presentation.

Jetona Mecaj