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Continuing the great success of the 2006 season, the 3rd Beijing International Music Festival & Academy (BIMFA) will take place from August 12 to 26, 2007. It opens to pianists, string players and selected wind instrumentalists of all nationalities. A pioneering international program in the historic capital city of Beijing, BIMFA is a two-week program bringing together established performing artists and teachers from around the world in a unique collaboration through music to promote cultural understanding for the benefit of the next generation of young musicians. In addition, cultural excursions will be organised offering opportunities for exploration and discovery in this ancient city of China. The program is open to pianists, string players ( violin, viola, cello & double bass ) and selected wind (flute for 2007) instrumentalists of all nationalities, age 14 and up, including college undergraduates, graduate-students and young professionals. Gifted children under age 14 may also be considered, but must be accompanied by a parent/guardian during the festival. Participants are selected after an evaluation of their application and audition tapes. Adult students, auditors, music lovers and parents of participants are also welcome to join the program by specal arrangement. Please contact us for details.

Beijing International Music Festival & Academy