Chamber Music Institute 50 Valparaiso Ave.
Atherton, CA, 94027


In 2007, Music@Menlo honors the timelessness of great music by bridging across generations of composers, from the Baroque era to modern times. A series of five concert programs, complemented by four artist-curated recitals, brings together works by composers distanced by both geography and history, but compelled by like ideas and creative inspirations. These eclectic programs represent a new frontier in the festival’s musical explorations, illustrating ways in which great music unfailingly reflects, for all eras and with stirring exactitude, the experience of humanity. Composers throughout the ages, from Bach and Brahms to Copland and Crumb, have drawn from such constants as nature, cultural exchange, and human mortality to create music that has touched listeners deeply throughout history: for the language of music transcends the boundaries of time and place.