Alain G. Declert PO Box 89
Round Top, TX, 78954-0089


The International Festival-Institute at Round Top offers six weeks (no absence is permitted) of intensive training for young talented musicians (18 years of age and over) seeking a transition from conservatories and universities to a future professional career. Daily orchestra rehearsals under various conductors to prepare and present eight (8) different programs (six Saturday evening performances, one Sunday afternoon performance (Patriotic Concert) and one special Young Persons’ Concert on a Tuesday morning), chamber music rehearsals and performances with peers and/or faculty, are set up to best achieve professional results. The International Festival-Institute owns its campus (over 200 acres), its venues (a 1,000-seat air-conditioned concert hall and a 160-seat chapel), its practice rooms, its accommodations, its food services and other amenities (swimming pool, jogging trails…) The whole project has been specifically envisioned and realised by renowned concert pianist James Dick, Founder and Artistic Director, to provide the best environment to implement the program.

International Festival, Institute at Round Top