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Featured Teachers
  • Annette Bjorling
    Location Evanston, IL 
    Instruments Harp, Recorder, Theory, World Music
  • Teodora Dimitrova
    Location Hoboken, NJ 
    Instruments Ear Training, Other, Theory, Viola...
  • Dr. Hot Licks' School of Rock and Metal
    Location Westminster, CO 
    Instruments Composition, Drums, Electric Bass...
  • Dylan Schwartz
    Location Chicago, IL 
    Instruments Composition, Ear Training, Electric Bass...
  • Jim Fox
    Location Nashville, TN 
    Instruments Piano
  • Larry Allen Brown
    Location Vernon, VT 
    Instruments Composition, Guitar, Theory
  • David Irelan
    Location Los Angeles, CA 
    Instruments Composition, Ear Training, Guitar...
  • Kim Bowman
    Location Bellingham, WA 
    Instruments Composition, Ear Training, Piano...
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